Scilly Diving

These unspoiled and relatively isolated islands have the most gentle climate in Britain, making the Isles of Scilly a haven for many types of flora and fauna. The Isles are often referred to as a sub-tropical paradise and have been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The islands' entire coastline, including many beautiful white beaches as well as rocky headlands and islets, has been given Heritage status. Each island has its own unique and rather special character.

ScillyDiving offers some of the finest diving in the UK - many say the world - with over 155 great dive sites already located and many new ones added each year. Most of our customers are drawn back time and again by the standard and variety of diving.
We offer dive charters on Morvoren from St. Martin's and from Moonshadow on St. Mary's. Our long-established dive school on St. Martin's is a BSAC Premier Centre and offers award winning snorkelling with seals, unguided dives, try dives and a wide variety of courses.


Here's a short video about St Martin's which provides a flavour of our island and, of course, includes some seal snorkelling footage.
This footage is of the King Cadwallon. Wrecked to the east of St Martin's, the steering quadrat lies in 42m.


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