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Scilly Diving

The Isles of Scilly offer some of the best scenic diving in the U.K. They consist of over 150 islands and rocky islets of which only 5 are inhabited. The islands cover about 10 miles by 6 miles and, as a general rule, have deep water (60m+) outside and shallow inside. Diving around the islands is a mixture of reef and wrecks in usually excellent visibility, with sheltered opportunities in almost all wind directions. A variety of canyons, stepped reefs and sheer walls are home to a colourful variety of abundant marine life from Jewel Anemones to Fan Corals and Sponges. A long history of shipwrecks in the islands has provided a wide variety of wreck diving ranging from the mid-1600's to more recent years, from wooden sailing ships to steel ships.


One of the reefs of Peter's RockThe reefs range from areas of steep-sided canyons to sheer 50m walls or stepped reefs (where it is easy for all grades of diver to pick their depth). Many of the reefs are in places where the tide can run strong, creating very rich areas of marine life. Walls of Jewel Anemones, Fan Corals, Ross Coral, Dead Man's Fingers, Plumose Anemones, Sponges and much more. All create a landscape that differs from reef to reef but is always full of colour and, in the usual good visibility, a sight not to be missed.
There is also the chance to dive with the Grey Seals: the chance to see these wild animals and at times play with them is a superb experience.
This footage is taken from a dive on Peter's Rock.


Part of the Cita wreckThe Isles of Scilly has a long 'association' with shipwrecks. Many of these wrecks are of older wooden sailing ships; although the ship's structure has rotted long ago in most cases, there are still many artefacts to see including cannon balls, shot, anchors and the ships' fixtures and fittings. There are also many steel wrecks that have many identifiable areas, although the winter storms have caused some of the shallower ones to break up. A lot of the wrecks have growths of colourful marine life.

(Please note that the modern wrecks were salvaged in the past and it is therefore very unlikely that you will find trophies!)




Tim AllsopHard boat diving charters from St Martin's are offered on Morvoren, a powerful Offshore 105, by Tim Allsop who has more than 20 years local diving and boating experience. This charter service provides access to diving sites throughout the islands.
Tim Allsop is an experienced dive skipper and diving instructor. A BSAC Advanced Instructor and First Class Diver, he also has MCA and local licenses to operate Morvoren, a powerful Offshore 105, in these challenging and rewarding waters. The skipper has full knowledge of more than 155 Isles of Scilly sites - as a diver and as a skipper. A great many of these sites, already classics, were discovered by ScillyDiving and new diving gems are discovered every year.

The detailed knowledge means that the skipper can be certain of selecting the best sites in the prevailing conditions, ensuring a high quality choice for the charter group. This experience of the reefs, wrecks, tides and sea states also means that the skipper can brief divers on ways to get the best possible dive.
Air - £4.75 per cylinder, £2.75 for pony cylinders. Our compressors are triple filtered and use oils compatible with O2 cleaned cylinders. Nitrox is not available on the islands due to transport fees that would result in very high fill charges.
The charter is fully booked for the 2019 season. For information about 2020 please call 01720 422848.