Buddy Dive Resort hosts 10th edition Bonaire TeK

Buddy Dive Resort is hosting the 10th edition of Bonaire TeK from 2-9 October 2021 – a week-long event for tech divers and those interested in technical divin

This year there will be presentations and clinics from Lamar Hires (Dive Rite), Randy Thornton (SubGravity), Frauke Tillmans (DAN), Guy Shockey (GUE), Michael Menduno (Indepth), Gabriel Pineda (Shearwater Research) and Didier Draguiv (O’Dive Systems).

Bonaire TeK 1
Buddy Dive Resort is the home of Bonaire TeK

Buddy Dive’s Tech Co-ordinator Mr. G said: “It is hard to believe that we have hosted this event for ten years already. It is impressive to think back on all the things we have learned together, remembering all the people we have connected with, created friendships with, and the amazing dives we have made together.

“After 10 years of creating this technical community, we are looking forward to its future. Through continued innovation, we will keep providing and connecting this skilled community of divers to the elements in diving they are passionate about and trained to handle. By providing everything technical divers could need in one place, Buddy Dive Tek will continue to support these divers through the adventures they crave and the discoveries they wish to make, in a location and destination that is one of a kind.”


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If you cannot make it to Bonaire TeK 2021, make sure to make your reservations for Bonaire TeK 2022 from 24 September to 1 October 2022, or Operation CCR from 21-28 May 2022.

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