Divesoft Announces First Standards For A Bailout CCR Course

The folks at Divesoft have announced the development of the first standards for a Bailout Rebreather Diving Course.

To ensure safety during longer dives, divers need to take extra measures and precautions. For instance, in the case of a catastrophic rebreather failure like a broken scrubber, divers need to use back-up gas and bailout to an open circuit. This isn’t ideal, however, considering the number of bottles the diver needs to carry for such emergencies. To prevent this, recently, the consensus has been to use a bailout rebreather instead.

It’s not an easy feat using a bailout rebreather which is why Liberty Sidemount Instructor Matthew Jevon and Divesoft Factory Trainer Jakub Simanek have developed standards for a bailout rebreather diving course and their work was then adopted and used by Technical Diving International (TDI).

Consequently, Jevon and Simanek are now the first bailout CCR instructors and the pair continues to create instructional materials and improve the course to cater toward future students’ needs, ensuring it’s as useful as possible.

The pilot training is currently in progress and will be available soon.

You can check out a blog post Simanek wrote about using a bailout rebreather here.

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