An expert-led trip in prime whale shark season is in prospect with Sofia Green Iturralde of the Galapagos Whale Shark Project on board Aqua Galapagos. There is time for current uncertainties to settle down because it departs in September 2022.

Ecuadorian marine biologist and conservationist Iturralde is an expert on whale shark behaviour. Her evening presentations and Q&As will complement the in-water experiences.

Likely locations along the way include Isabela, Fernandina, Wolf and Darwin Islands and Cousins Rock, with manta rays and hammerhead sharks likely to be encountered along with the whale sharks.

Choose a 10-day package from Dive Worldwide that includes flights from the UK for £5895pp, or eight days in Galapagos (one night in Guyaquil, seven nights on board) from £4995. You get up to 19 dives, group size is 15 and the boat leaves on 26 September.

US $145 covers national park fees, tourist card and hyperbaric chamber contribution. And having travelled all the way to Galapagos, you might wish to combine the dive itinerary with an extension to explore topside.

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