Shipwreck Experts Surveyed The Newest National Marine Sanctuary

Shipwreck experts last month conducted an underwater survey of the Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast, the 16th and most recently designated National Marine Sanctuary.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, along with experts from the universities of Miami and Delaware as well as private-sector partners surveyed the sanctuary from July 28th to August 20th.

NOAA officially designated the area as a sanctuary last month.

The sanctuary is known to have 39 shipwrecks within its boundaries, and experts think there are even more that haven’t been discovered.

Researchers used several unmanned underwater and surface vehicles to look for the shipwrecks and “test new exploration tools, deepen connections to the region’s maritime heritage, and strengthen partnerships in the new sanctuary,” according to NOAA.

You can find more info about the recent expedition at noaa.gov.

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