Caribbean Cup 2021 Day 3 Sees Another Continental Record Fall To Natalie Rudman

The deep, dark oceans of the world are still largely unexplored. While we have discovered some amazing creatures and things living in these depths—including a surprisingly diverse range of animals that live only at extreme levels of depth—there is much more to be found. Keep an eye on our blog for new discoveries from this undersea frontier!

As we know we have only explored about 5% of our oceans around the globe. That leaves a vast 90%+ range of who knows what to be yet discovered.

Discover some of the strangest animals and things found deep beneath our seas and in the Mariana Trench.

We can fill this vast void of unknown with our imaginations of what could be there. However, what we have already found in the vastness, that we have ventured into, is already a serious challenge to what we call “normal”.

I came across the following clip. It is very captivating and presents a very entertaining, yet highly educational presentation about some of these unusual findings.

Watch the video clip below for further details ( it’s three parts)


“Top 10 Weirdest Things Found In The Mariana Trench | Marathon – Part 2” – YouTube video by MostAmazingTop10

Fortunately, we don’t have to really worry about bumping into contact with any of the animals of the deep presented in the clip above.

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