Best Beach Chairs for Elderly People

Settling into your retirement years means one thing - beach trips! With the family, friends, or perhaps even by yourself. One thing you need though, is a high-quality beach chair. As you get older and your joints get stiffer, the days of laying on a towel on the warm sand are over. 

Instead, a nice beach chair will suffice, especially as you won’t need to waste half your time getting up and down off of the warm sand. Beach chairs need to be designed specifically for the beach, as you can’t just drag any old chair down onto the sand. 

Luckily, we’ve scoured the market and found the four best beach chairs for elderly people. Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy time at the beach! 

Let’s take a look at our favorite beach chairs for elderly people. We’ve looked high and low throughout the market and have come up with four of the top products in terms of ratings and previous customer praise. 

Beach trips are a great way to relax and spend time with the family, so you’re going to want to choose the best beach chair to keep you comfortable. A high-quality beach chair will enhance your day out, while a poor-quality chair might take away from the fun.   

Best Beach Chairs for Elderly People



The Tommy Bahama chair will not let you down in the way of comfort. In fact, this ultimate beach chair is so handy that we had to put it at the top of our list. The chair is super easy to transport around like a backpack, which is very beneficial for older people, and it can withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds. It also has an impressive weight of only seven pounds. 

The frame is made from aluminum to prevent rusting should your chair become exposed to saltwater, and the 600-denier fabric is tear-resistant to prevent shortening the lifespan of the chair. Tommy Bahama also offers you a one year warranty on the chair.

The functionality of the Tommy Bahama chair is where it really excels. You can recline the chair to five different positions, one of which being flat. There is a pillow built into the chair for added head and neck support. Pair these two features together and you’ve got the ideal napping setup!

At the back of the chair, you’ll find an insulated pouch that can store drinks to keep them cool. There is also a foldable bar that you can extend or retract to hold a wet towel. What’s more is that there’s another pocket on the side for other small bits that you want to keep safe. 



Next up is a chair that’ll allow you to stand out from the crowd, with everyone at the beach envying you and asking where you got your chair from. We’d consider this chair the best for people who suffer from back pain, as the lumbar support is great for improving posture and reducing tension from building up.

If you’re worried about going on your beach trip because of the pain it might cause, the STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair might just solve all your problems. How the chair works is that it aligns your spine with your hips to ensure that everything is in the right place. 

You can relax without fearing the pain you might feel when you stand up. Another plus is that the chair is lightweight and very easy to carry. The durable frame can hold up to 300 pounds and is protected from harsh weather conditions. 

The seat itself is made from mesh to keep you cool in the hot sun. There is a pocket on the armrest for a drink or to keep your small valuable items safe.  When you’re done at the beach, simply fold the chair into the carry bag and transport it back home with the two shoulder straps. 

This chair comes with a two-year warranty to protect your money from any unexpected issues. We don’t think you will, though, as this is an excellent beach chair for elderly people. 



The Core Tension Chair is most known for the tension support that it offers the user. In other words, your posture will be improved with this chair and your back will be supported throughout the day. What’s more is that the cushioning over the entire seat will keep you very comfortable. 

The frame is resistant to corrosion and rust, and the 600 denier polyester chair offers a mesh panel to keep a constant flow of air circulating around your back. There is one cup holder in one armrest, and a rectangular pocket for any small items that you may want to keep close to you in the other armrest. 

You’ll also get a one year warranty to protect your money. The chair can hold up to 300 pounds of weight and you’ll also get a carry bag for easy transportation. Why limit yourself to the beach? You can use this chair in a number of different locations, so start planning your next adventure!



Last but not least is the Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Beach Chair, a lightweight model that can easily be folded for easy carrying. Let’s get to the downside right away - there is no reclining option for this chair. That being said, the frame can hold up to 300 pounds. 

The frame is made from steel which is one of the most durable materials for a beach chair frame to be made from. It’s also coated with iron phosphate powder to protect it from rusting or corroding after being exposed to the harsh elements of the beach. 

The fabric is Textilene, which is one of the best materials for your beach chair, and it is attached to the frame with a bungee cord system. This allows the chair to almost cradle you as you relax, adding a touch of ultimate comfort.

You’ll be able to use this chair for hours at a time without feeling any pain or discomfort. It’s lightweight enough to carry without any issues, and elderly people will love this chair for their day trips to the beach. 

While the lack of a reclinable option is disappointing, the amazing comfort makes up for this. Besides, you don’t always want to lie down and take a nap on the beach, otherwise you’d miss all the fun!

Best Beach Chairs for Elderly People Buying Guide

Now let’s look at the most important factors to consider before deciding which beach chair you want to purchase. You won’t want to get to the beach and only realize then that the chair is no good for beach trips, so it’s better to research before choosing your new purchase. 

We’ve collated some useful information and listed it below so you have it all in one handy place. 


Beach chairs need to keep the user cool and comfortable in the sunshine. With limited shade being on beaches and beach chairs often coming in dark colors, the breathability of your chair is a necessary consideration for you to take. 

Some beach chairs are made of mesh to allow better airflow to your back, however, this is not as durable as other fabrics. Textilene is a reliable fabric that is both robust and breathable, and it was created especially for outdoor chairs to keep you cool. 

Textilene is resistant to UV rays, doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun, and won’t stick to sweaty skin. If you can, we’d suggest choosing a beach chair made of Textilene. If you’re in a pinch, however, mesh will work as well. 

Reclining Positions

Who doesn’t love to take a quick cat nap at the beach? We know we do! So do older people, which is why reclining chairs are so important for elderly people. That being said, sometimes you don’t only want to choose between sitting upright and lying completely flat, so multiple different positions are much more preferred.

Zero gravity reclining chairs are the most comfortable, however, it’s not essential for every beach chair. It’s all about what you prefer and if you’re willing to spend more money on this impressive feature. 


As you get older your strength will decrease, which is why your beach chair needs to be lightweight and easy to transport. Lots of chairs either fold up to fit into bags with a shoulder strap, or even turn into a backpack with two straps. 

Two straps allow the weight to be distributed evenly across your back, but it’s all up to your personal preference as to how you want to be able to carry your chair. 

Luckily, there are many options on the market that are lightweight and easy to carry. As a rule of thumb, we’d suggest not choosing a chair any heavier than 20 pounds. 

Comfortable Design

Of course, you need your chair to be comfortable enough to sit on all day. Many older people suffer from aches and pains, so your chair needs to accommodate these and not make them any worse. This means comfortable fabric and suitable cushioning is in order.

You’ll need to consider your own body and whether you need any specific requirements from your chair to keep you comfortable. If you have back pain, look for a chair that offers lumbar support. Similarly, if you suffer from joint pain in your knees, look for a higher angle of the seat to take the pressure off of your legs.

Build Quality

The last thing you want when getting to the beach is to sit in your new chair, only for it to collapse from underneath you. You need a chair that you can rely on over and over again without worrying about the structure faltering. 

The frame should be made of reliable metal that isn’t going to bend or snap under your weight. It should also be resistant to corrosion since you’re going to be near salt water, which can be detrimental to unprotected metal. 

Steel is the most durable metal for your frame to be made from, but aluminum weighs less and will, therefore, be easier to carry around. 

Another thing to check is the quality of the feet. They should be durable and sturdy enough to sit on sand without sinking or slipping. They should also be able to withstand any other surface where you plan to use your chair, such as grass or wood decking. 

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories are always a nice touch to your beach chair, especially for older people. One of the most useful accessories is a drinks holder and extra pockets where you can keep your valuables safe and away from the sand.

Cup holders and storage pockets are relatively common in beach chairs, but a less common and more useful accessory is an insulated pocket used to keep drinks cool. This is especially beneficial for extremely hot weather when you want to keep yourself hydrated.

What about a pillow? Built-in pillows are great for added comfort and support, plus they’re great if you fancy a nap while you’re sunbathing. Moreover, some beach chairs come with a rack to spread out wet towels so that they can dry before you pack them back up.

Finally, portable beach umbrellas can be attached straight onto some beach chairs, which is super helpful when you need some added shade but don’t want to carry a big umbrella stand with you. 

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