Best Snorkel for Swimming laps

For beginners who are swimming laps, particularly front crawl, breathing tends to be the biggest area of improvement. Not only does it disrupt your swim pattern but it can throw your center off balance too.

A great tool is a snorkel coupled with a fitness tracker for swimming. This can help improve your stroke allowing you to focus on developing technique without having to worry about your breathing every 2,3,4 etc strokes. 

Best Snorkels for Swimming laps


The Kraken Aquatics snorkel is one of the best choices for swimming laps regardless of whether you're training to become a professional or you enjoy spending time in the pool for fun. 

You can swim and breathe without having to turn your head thanks to the center-mounted snorkel design. This allows you to focus on your body positioning and stroke efficiency. With a low profile tube, water resistance is reduced and your performance is increased as a result. 

The center design makes it easier to keep your head in a stationary position, placing greater focus upon your swimming technique and breathing. 

This snorkel is very comfortable, regardless of how long your swim sessions are. The ergonomic mouthpiece is made from silicone which is soft and flexible. The one-way purge valve makes it easier to breathe while you swim allowing for easy clearing of the water. 

The head bracket can be secured into place easily and is padded and convenient, with adjustable features.

Some swimmers may prefer to use a nose clip with this snorkel which can be purchased separately. 

As well as using this snorkel to help improve performance, it can also be used by impaired people during swim therapy. The center position keeps the head still preventing the occurrence of any further muscle strains.

This snorkel by Kraken aquatics is one of the best on the market, designed to make your swimming experience more enjoyable and retailing at a competitive price point. 


As a popular brand amongst athletes and recreational swimming enthusiasts, MP Michael Phelps provides state of the art swimming gear which focuses on performance, very similar to the focus of the brand Snorkel. 

Similarly to Kraken Aquatics, this snorkel has reduced drag thanks to its low profile hydrodynamic tube. Designed to help with breathing underwater, it aims to boost cardiovascular strength and lung capacity. 

The adjustable head bracket is made with an integrated cushion for enhanced comfort, although the Comfo Bite silicone headpiece is the highlight of this product as it aims to reduce jaw fatigue for those who train intensively. 

It is suitable for adults and children as it is available in regular and small fit and also comes in a range of colors. The triangular tube design inhibits side to side rotation.

The one-way purge valve is strategically positioned at the opposite side of the mouthpiece, making it much easier to purge excess water. This design is also convenient for beginners.


Established in 1985, TYR is a sports brand that has become famous thanks to the competitive products that they have launched in the swim market. The TYR 2.0 snorkel is just one piece of their performance-driven gear, ideal for swimming laps. 

The TYR 2.0 is an upgraded version of the previous TYR snorkel and it boasts many improvements in regards to ergonomics and the headband. 

The tube is constructed from a sturdy material that is designed to help you focus on body alignment. The mouthpiece is designed from flexible silicone which makes it more comfortable to wear, especially for a prolonged period. Although the head strap has seen some improvements in comparison to the previous model, it could benefit from some redesigning as it is prone to pulling on the hair.

However, we are in favor of the hydrodynamic tube shape as this enhances breathing while reducing drag. With a lightweight design, the TYR 2.0 is available in two colors with sizes suitable for adults and kids.

Although the majority of swimmers have positive feedback, some feel that the tube is too short which allows the water to get in easily. We can't argue with this, however, a little bit of practice accounts for efficient clearing. This is a worthy swim snorkel boasting one of the best designs, making this a great addition to your swim gear. 


Another heavyweight brand in the swim industry, FINIS produces many swim snorkels that impress the market. 

This is the first center-mounted snorkel available on the market, it is designed to help athletes swim at all speeds whilst maintaining good body alignment and performance.

The stroke can be easily adjusted to achieve maximum efficiency without having to regularly turn the head to breathe. The snorkel has been designed to support a range of motions including freestyle, butterfly, or breaststroke swimming. 

Available in two sizes, the FINIS original is suitable for adults and juniors with an adjustable headband for a universal fit. The one-way purge makes clearing very easy.

The front of the forehead band has been constructed out of hard plastic which is the only downside that we pinpointed with this snorkel, as it can hurt the skin. Similarly to others on the market, this doesn't come with a nose clip, however, these retail at competitive prices so can easily be purchased separately.

This snorkel has been designed with an ergonomic mouthpiece which stops too much water from getting in, making this an ideal pick for newbies. This is a great choice for those who may not be in good shape and are investing in a swim snorkel for practice.


Beginners are likely to love this FINIS Glide snorkel. Intended for fitness and team training, this is ideal for those who may not be in the best of shapes. 

Using this snorkel, you can focus on your stroke techniques without having to worry about turning your head to breathe. This boasts the same design as the original snorkel mentioned above. Accommodating the full range of motions, you can achieve all swimming styles when wearing this snorkel. 

The hydrodynamic tube curves around the head which works to reduce drag whilst promoting an improvement in body positioning. 

The glide snorkel is designed to increase aerobic capacity similarly to its original counterpart. It also aims to build lung endurance. The adjustable strap makes this super comfortable to wear as this ensures a universal fit. 

As an introductory training snorkel, the mouthpiece boasts ergonomic comfort and the tube can be easily cleared thanks to the positioning of the purge valve.

With four different colors available this snorkel is great for beginners swimming laps. 


The ZIONOR swim training snorkel is the next choice on our list, designed for lap swimming and triathlon contestants. Its sleek hydrodynamic design reduces water resistance and maximizes swim speed by 30% according to the manufacturer. 

Although we are unable to swear by the numbers, this snorkel works how it is supposed too.

Boasting an engineered thickened headband, it is comfortable to wear, as you would expect with a professional swim snorkel, as it sits on your head firmly. 

The optimized mouthpiece is one of the best features of this headpiece as it has been designed from durable food-grade material. The snorkel stays in place well as it fits perfectly in the mouth and this aids with breathing too. 

The water is completely drained when exhaling thanks to the one-way purge valve. 

The center-mounted design accounts for smooth arm rotation which maintains good body alignment allowing you to focus on stroke efficiency.

Although the quality has been praised by users, a negative that was noted by beginners, in particular, was the lack of instructions. Whilst this isn't likely to be an issue for experienced swimmers, as this snorkel is intended for training purposes, newbies are likely to purchase this which could result in them struggling to use it.

Despite the lack of a user manual, you can learn how to use this quickly as it isn't too complicated. This is an all-rounder snorkel that can help swimmers at all levels to improve their performance. This is no doubt going to be a great addition to your swimming gear. 


The bullet head snorkel by Speedo is another one that is worth considering. This delivers stability at high speeds as it has been designed with ergonomic features and a minimalist design. 

Available in two sizes this is suitable for adults and kids and comes in several bright colors for increased visibility. The minimalist design is one of its greatest strengths, with a teardrop shape that allows the water to cut through without affecting your performance. 

The occurrence of headaches and pinching is eliminated through the padded TPR headband which enhances comfort. You will be beating your personal bests in no time whilst also setting new challenges, thanks to the consistent fitting and maximum vision with reduced drag. 

This snorkel is great for many purposes, not only is it a perfect choice for swimmers and triathlon athletes, it's great for use during water fitness too. 

There is one thing missing, and that is a purge valve which could be a deal-breaker unless you are a professional. For beginners, clearing the tube and grasping to take a breath is likely to be much more difficult and somewhat annoying. 

Considering the snorkel's overall quality, the absence of this feature is rather disappointing. For experienced swimmers, the lack of a purge valve may be quite rewarding as the possibility of leaks is eliminated. 

You are likely to love or hate this snorkel depending on the side in which you stand. Despite the drawback that we noted above, we still like it so we would recommend it. 


COPOZZ is another brand that claims to improve the speed and performance of your swim by 30% using their snorkel. Although this brand isn't a hugely familiar name, it does provide reliable, good quality gear at a fraction of the price in comparison to the high-end brands.

Featuring a standard central-mount design, this snorkel makes it easier to breathe when you are swimming with your face down. Helping you to focus on your stroke and movements whether this is butterfly or freestyle swimming rather than grasping for breaths of fresh air. 

The one-way purge valve expels the water as you exhale eliminating any chances of water or air bubbles affecting you as you swim, an ideal choice for beginners and pros. 

Another feature that we liked is the soft, silicone mouthpiece, this material construction makes it comfortable to wear, even if this may be for prolonged amounts of time. 

The headband can easily be adjusted to suit the size of your head making it much more comfortable and perfect for use alongside a swim cap or goggles. 

This COPOZZ snorkel is suitable for adults and young swimmers alike, backed with a satisfaction guarantee for assurance when getting and trying one.


The Powerbreather wave snorkel stands out as perhaps the best snorkel for swimming laps and snorkeling. Breathing underwater is much easier thanks to its innovative design, and it is legal to use in the triathlon too. 

This is a limited edition snorkel designed with two symmetric breathing tubes that have top vents incorporated into them. These work to keep the water out while providing you with an endless supply of fresh air. A specifically designed valve works to remove carbon dioxide and saliva from the bottom. 

When you are doing flip turns, you can put the flip caps over the speed vents. For open water, this snorkel includes long vents that have been designed to prolong the length of the tube by an inch. 

The bottom valve ensures that saliva or occasional leaks are easy to clear without purging. 

This snorkel has endless applications as it is also compatible with swim goggles and diving masks. It is perfect for use by a range of individuals and purposes, regardless of whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, triathlete, or a general snorkeler or swimmer. If you like innovation and are happy to pay a higher price then this is an awesome piece of equipment that is worthy of your investment. 


Our final choice is the Dare and Square Snorkel for beginners. This is a durable lap training snorkel retailing at an affordable price that has been designed to boost your performance in the water. 

It sports a minimal hydrodynamic design. With performance curves around the head, drag is reduced and you are provided with maximum vision along with enhanced comfort. Designed with a wide snorkeling tube, the flow of oxygen is maximized making it much easier to breathe. 

Featuring an odorless food-grade silicone mouthpiece, this fits securely in your mouth allowing you to focus on your performance without distractions. Another feature we liked is the one-way purge valve which allows you to easily drain the water while you are exhaling. 

It has been noted by beginners and advanced swimmers alike that this snorkel has given them increased efficiency in the water. Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a year's free replacement warranty for peace of mind. This is great for swimmers who are on a budget. 

Best Snorkel for Swimming laps - Buyer's Guide

When thinking about a snorkel, you automatically think about a piece of equipment that is placed on the side of your head. Typically this is more likely to be positioned on the left side of the head as other equipment is normally positioned on the right side, therefore this reduces the chances of interference. 

There is a specific type of snorkel available which is commonly known as a front-mounted or swimmer snorkel. It is neither mounted on the right nor left side, instead, it is mounted in the center. It is necessary to remember that a swimmer's snorkel isn't used for snorkeling or scuba diving. 

It doesn’t need to be attached to a mask or goggles and is only used for the duration of training, particularly when doing laps in a pool.

You may be wondering why you should choose a swimmers snorkel for training purposes rather than a typical snorkel. 

There are several benefits of using a swimmer's snorkel. The main benefit is that you can balance your stroke as you don't need to keep bending your head to the right or left to breathe. Instead, you are encouraged to keep your head down for straight head orientation towards your general direction.

 We tend to cross our ankles and move sideways as a result of us lifting and bending our heads. As this possibility is eliminated, full kicks are promoted gaining maximum use from our legs. 

The final benefit to note is that this snorkel isn't going to interfere with any other swimming equipment such as fins and paddles. As an individual piece of equipment, it doesn't need to be attached to a mask or pair of goggles. 

A swim snorkel will be positioned down the middle of your face and over your forehead. This makes it more aerodynamic in comparison to a normal snorkel which will drag on the side of your face particularly when in a relaxed vacation setting. 

A snorkel is beneficial for beginners as they can focus on their swim position. Just like they are great for use when training for a race like a triathlon or competitive swimming. However, you should not depend on one of these full time. Your true swimming pattern will be disrupted if you become dependent on a snorkel, making bilateral and unilateral swimming much harder. 

What features should you consider?

The Shape

Your snorkel is likely to be J shape, however, it needs to be aerodynamic in the sense that it contours to your face shape. 

You may be wondering if you can use a normal snorkel turned in a different way. However, this isn't possible as the mouthpiece is going to be shifted 90 degrees so that it fits into your mouth properly. 

If you are likely to be using this swimming snorkel for vacation whether this may be because it fits you better or you simply just like it better, it can be difficult to have a proper snorkel mask on, therefore you may find it beneficial to wear swimming goggles so that the snorkel isn't disrupted. 

The Mouthpiece

The majority of mouthpieces tend to be made from silicone which is the most comfortable and best-fitting. However, in some cases, this is a personal preference. Some mouthpieces can be made from rubber, or cheaper ones may be made from plastic, although we would not recommend these. 

Plastic ones do not have as much mobility and if you are hoping to try out a cheaper product, this material construction might put you off swimming snorkels. We would recommend you spending an extra few dollars to get one that is well designed, especially if you spend a lot of time in the water. 

The Purge Valve

Some snorkels feature purge valves that ensure you don't swallow water from a chlorine pool, or saltwater or whatever other water. The purge valve drains the excess water so that you don't end up breathing it in. This feature isn't found on all snorkels and although they are not necessary they are very helpful, especially for beginners. 

If you purchase a snorkel that doesn't include a purge valve you will need to blow extra hard to push the excess water back up the snorkel, to get released back into the pool. 

The Splash Guard

A splash guard is typically found on normal snorkels although some swim snorkels will feature this option. A splash guard is essentially a flap that prevents the water from entering and going into your mouth while you swim. 

If you are doing flip turns a splash guard makes it easier. The water isn't going to enter your mouthpiece when you somersault, making the transition easy without needing to take an extra breath.

The Headpiece

Preferably, the headpiece should have straps that are easy to adjust for comfort. A plastic attachment on your strap is going to be more durable and it isn't going to bend or move whilst you swim. 

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