Best Shark Gifts

Sharks are one of the most feared and loved animals in the world, and it isn’t hard to see why they are this way. Not only are they dangerous predators, there have been enough shark films to keep anyone out of the ocean for a lifetime.

Conditioning from the box office has made sharks into the number one danger at sea, while giving the majority of us a level of respect for them at the same time.

We think that sharks have a hard time in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many advocates out there for these magnificent sea creatures. Shark lovers tend to go hard with their research into the animal and tend to know almost everything about them.

If you’ve ever been in a conversation with a shark lover, you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

Best Shark Gifts

Lovers of this animal are incredibly dedicated to helping fight the cause and removing the stigma around sharks. We have both a fascination with sharks, as well as a cold terror whenever we see one. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably here to gain some inspiration for a shark-themed gift for a friend or family member who cannot get enough of these big fish. 

Sharks are fast, dominant, and actually very smart, so they’re an excellent animal to compare the people in your life to. Giving this reasoning along with a shark inspired gift will make the recipient appreciate your thoughtfulness, so let’s go and find the perfect gift for you to give!

25 Best Shark Gift Ideas for the Shark Lovers in Your Life

Do you know someone who loves sharks as much as you do? Perhaps a coworker, friend, or family member? If so, why don’t you embrace their passion and choose them a gift that is shark-themed! They will love the thought that went into the gift and may even be touched that you remembered their favorite animal. 

Below we’ve found the best 25 shark gifts for you to look through and choose the best from. That’s right, there are 25 gifts below. There’s no excuse for not finding the ideal one for the shark lover in your life!

Read below with caution - you might end up ordering yourself a number of gifts that you weren’t meant to. There is something for everyone below, men, women, children, even pets! Whoever you need a gift for, we’ve got it down below. 


What better gift to give than one that your friend can enjoy with their furry friend? If they love both sharks and their pet equally, this shark bed is an excellent gift to give them. It can be used for both cats and dogs of almost all sizes, and will keep them nice and cozy during their naps. 

This jaw-some gift is ideal for any shark loving pet owner because not only does their cat or dog get a comforting cave to sleep in, your friend will get a kick out of seeing their adorable pet in this adorable bed. This shark bed is definitely Instagram worthy!


Does your friend love sharks as well as sushi? Then why not consider buying them this serving platter that perfectly intertwines their two favorite things? There is a large shark head poking out of the water ready to gobble up any fish that gets in its way. Alternatively, this is a great dish to store soy sauce in for you to dip the sushi into. 

What’s more is that the shark tail is perfectly positioned to create an ideal place to sit your chopsticks. This well thought out product is a great gift idea for anyone who loves charmingly ironic pieces such as this one. The light blue platter will fit right in on the table of any event or dinner party. 


What better way to tell someone that you love them by buying them a bag that is themed on one of their favorite things? Designer bags are out and shark-themed bags are in, my friends! This small shoulder bag is the ideal replacement for their tattered old bag that they’ve been carrying around for years. 

The material is PU and the strap features a durable buckle for adjusting the length. You can also remove the strap if they wanted to use it as a clutch instead, although we think the shape is a little too awkward for that. You can choose to get it in a range of different colors, too. 

Not only is this a great gift idea, but it is also a wicked conversation starter and so stinking cute!


If you’re not looking to spend too much money on your gift but still want to get something cool and shark-themed, then look no further than this awesome bottle opener multi-tool card. This compact gift will fit easily into any pocket and even features a keyring hole to attach it to your keys. 

There are two screwdrivers attached, one flat head and another Philip head, as well as a ruler. There is also a bottle opener, which the shark conveniently pops the top off all of your bottles with its sharp teeth.  If you’re looking for a gift under $10, then this is the one for you!


Next up is another ideal gift for the shark lover in your life who also happens to have a furry friend. While I don’t think you’d get a cat into this life vest very easily, it is perfect for dogs who love a swim. It is high quality and offers the dog full floatation support when they’re in the water.

Some dogs are natural swimmers, but some are not. This life vest allows all of their swims to be safe and secure. You can attach a leash to the life vest so that you can keep ahold of them as well. Not to mention that the recipient will also have a gorgeous little shark swimming around in the water with them as well. 


Who doesn’t love a cup of tea every now and then? This tea infuser is the perfect gift for shark lovers who you enjoy talking with over a nice cup of tea. Even if the recipient isn’t a daily tea drinker, it’s always worth having a strainer in the kitchen for those times when they get a hankering for it. 

Not only does it get the job done, it looks so cute while doing so. The sharks mouth grips onto the side of the mug while the tail holds the loose tea leaves. This gift is incredibly easy to use and clean after each use. The material is BPA which is both silicone-free and environmentally friendly. This is a great gift that won’t break the bank either. 


Is your resident shark lover also a mom? If so, this Shark Doo Doo Graphic T-Shirt is the ideal gift. In fact, this is the perfect gag gift for anyone who’s suffered through the endless hours when you get the ‘Baby Shark’ song stuck in your head. We’ve all been there, and it’s not fun. 

You can also choose to get this top for dads, babies, and grandparents, so no one is safe from this top! The recipient is safe as long as they don’t look down… just feel sorry for everyone who comes into contact with them when they’re wearing it - they’ll be humming the song all day!


Another gift for shark loving mommies, this is such a cute robe for their baby that you’ll almost want to keep it for yourself. Turn their toddler into a ferocious little predator with this high-quality cotton robe. Not only is it a fantastic quality, but it also doesn’t cost too much money.  The robe features a large hood that comes equipped with shark teeth, fin, and eyes.

The sleeves have white cuffs and the bottom of the robe is in the shape of a shark tail, completing the look. You can wash and tumble dry the robe easily so there is no handwashing required, which is a plus as we all know how messy babies can be! The robe fits babies from 0-9 months so this gift would be excellent for new or expecting shark lover parents. 


Take this beverage holder with you into the pool and automatically make everyone’s day easier by cutting out the task of having to keep swimming back to the side of the pool to grab a drink. This cool and unique gift houses seven cups as well as a number of cans in the large middle hole. This hole can be covered by a fin to keep the cans cool until you’re ready to drink them. 

The material is UV resistant so there shouldn’t be a problem with leaving this drink holder in the pool with you all day. The shark has cool shades on and is sporting a wide grin, so you can tell that the shark is ready to get the party started. Luckily the teeth are 2D so you won’t get any punctures! Due to the inflatable nature, you can easily deflate it and store it away until the next pool party. 


A necktie could prove an ideal gift to anyone who likes to dress up for different occasions, or for someone who always seems to have somewhere important to go. Allow them to instantly spruce up their suit with this Great White Necktie, which is covered in lovely little cartoon sharks.  

The quality is excellent for the price, and it is made from a 1200-needle count woven fabric. The stitching is high-quality and won’t be coming undone any time soon, so this tie is a really excellent gift whenever you don’t want to spend too much money. 

There are a few shark-themed neckties on the market, but they are often considered rather bold and sometimes unprofessional. This Great White Necktie, however, offers just enough personality and fun without compromising the wearers’ professionalism. 

You can choose between a number of colors for the base of this shark-themed necktie, and there are also other animals that you can choose from such as dogs, elephants, and ladybugs. However, we all know that sharks are the best, so we’d go for that one. 


A more sophisticated gift idea, this pair of Hammerhead shaped Bookends is the ideal gift idea for anyone who loves reading or who is particularly proud of their book collection. Instantly spruce up any bookshelf with this shark inspired gift, offering both a practical and fun gift. 

One end represents the sharks head, while the other showcases the sharks tail, giving the illusion that a hammerhead shark is swimming through or behind the books. Both ends are made from durable steel to offer enough strength to keep as many books as you desire stood up in between them. 


You’re never too old for a game of monopoly! Especially if you’re a shark lover and it just happens to be Sharkopoly, a version of the beloved retro game that has been adapted to involve all things sharks! There is no shortage of monopoly editions out there, but we never knew that there was a shark-themed one available. 

If we didn’t know about it, then the recipient of the gift is surely not going to know about it either. Imagine the look on their face when they realize what it is. This is an incredibly thoughtful gift as it shows your friend that you really researched their interests when choosing their gift.

You can play this game with 2 to 6 players, aged 8 and above. Instead of the typical player tokens like the dog and the thimble, this game features tokens such as a diving mask, a flipper, a jawline, dorsal, buoy, and a great white shark itself. Not only is this a great gift for shark lovers, but it’s also fun for all of their family and friends - as long as they’re not known for falling out during the game. 


This gift is excellent for the person in your life that is usually so difficult to buy gifts for, or who seems to have everything already. If they love sharks, they’ll certainly love the gift of you adopting a great white shark in their name. While they won’t actually be getting a shark, they’ll know that your contribution has helped keep their favorite animal safe from poachers and fishermen.

Great white sharks are endangered which makes this gift all the more important and special. They’ll get a certificate of authenticity that they can proudly showcase to show that they are supporting nature and these lovely creatures. You both will get a lot of praise from this gift, as well as the humbling feeling of making a positive difference. 


Who doesn’t love an oversized stuffed animal toy to play with or share with their children? Stuffed toys are a great way of getting children to like and marvel at the same animals that you enjoy, which is why this is a great gift for children and animals alike. This shark is both durable and soft, making it a perfect toy to cuddle and play with. It is 39.4 inches long, so make sure that they have enough space in their houses for such a large gift. 

The detail is impressive and you can see that a lot of effort has been put into the design of this shark plush so that it resembles a real shark as close as possible. You can wash it in any washing machine as well as tumble drying it on a low setting, so this gift is really one for the ages. 


A classic childhood prank is to swim beneath the surface of the water and shoot your hands up to look like a shark fin to scare your friends, but there is one glaringly obvious drawback of this prank - sharks aren’t the color of your hands. That’s why a shark fin that can be attached to a swimming costume is a great gift for the prankster in your life! 

The fin is made of foam to ensure the wearer is not weighed down too much in the water, and it is actually buoyant so that there’s no worry about the danger of this fin. Toddlers, children, and adults can wear this shark fin thanks to the adjustable straps, so get ready to scare everyone out of the water!


Another clothing item, these leggings are a great gift for anyone who enjoys being comfortable while they watch their favorite shark documentaries. They are made from polyester ammonia material, and you can just tell that they feel so comfortable!

The material is both breathable and moisture resistant, making them ideal for working out as well, but they are also thick enough to not be seethrough. These leggings are squat-proof, so there is no excuse for the recipient not to get in the gym after all the gift-giving festivities!


Shark lovers who are fans of wine tastings and opening a bottle with some friends will love these wine glasses. They are made from silicone glass and shatterproof, with a model of a shark sticking up from the stem of the glass, making it look like there is a ferocious creature swimming in the wine.

Red wine is particularly effective as it looks like the shark is swimming in blood! Somewhat disturbing, but nothing a shark lover can’t stomach! Not only can you never have too many wine glasses, but they’re just a cool gift to receive. We guarantee this is one of the best shark inspired gifts on the market right now.  


This bracelet is another small token that holds a big meaning. Purchasing this bracelet from Lokai allows the brand to donate $1 to Oceana, who holds a mission to save the sharks in their natural habitat. Not only is this bracelet lovely and understated so that anyone can wear it daily, it is helping protect sharks from poachers. 

The white bead on this bracelet holds water sourced from Mount Everest, which is the highest point on Earth. This reminds the wearer to remain humble even in the highest moments of your life. The black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on earth. This reminds them to remain hopeful in their low moments. 

The meaning of this bracelet is simply beautiful and the fact that the purchase also helps to protect the sharks is another reason why this is an amazing gift for shark lovers. 


This face mask is unisex and can be worn for a number of different reasons. Perhaps one of the more common uses is for scuba divers who like to use a scarf to keep their hair out of their face. If you know a shark lover who has a number of uses for a bandana, what better gift to get them than this useful shark-covered one? 

The material is very soft and lightweight so there should be no problems with keeping it close to the wearers face for a prolonged period of time. It’s also breathable so they won’t be uncomfortable while wearing it, as it is much more of an aid rather than a hindrance.  


Who doesn’t love a graphic T-shirt with a shark made up of the classic dun dun dun sound? Be prepared for a lot of Jaws movie nights with this gift! While this T-shirt is designed for men, it can definitely be worn by women as well. So, this is the perfect shark-themed clothing gift for the person in your life that loves novelty tops. 

Crazy Dog offers lots of different T-shirts with different designs, and their quality is highly rated so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money. Buy this gift for anyone who appreciates sharks or the movie Jaws, we guarantee they’ll get a kick out of it. 


Just take a look at this bracelet and tell us that the shark lover in your life wouldn’t absolutely love it. This stainless steel bracelet is made up of links in the shape of a shark that bends around your wrist perfectly. The mouth acts as the clasp and the shark’s sharp teeth keep ahold of the tail for security. 

This bracelet is unisex and it holds a very affordable price tag. If you’re looking for a unique gift that the recipient is sure not to have, but will still love and be amazed at, this shark bracelet is an ideal gift idea for you.


These bedsheets are not only cute, but they’re also made of hotel-quality material to give the recipient of your gift the best night sleep possible. They are made of 100% cotton which is the best material for your skin as it is breathable and lightweight. The material is covered in small fish and large sharks to keep you safe at night. 

What’s particularly impressive about this duvet cover set is that you actually can’t often find graphic bedsheets like these for anything other than single beds. If you know someone who loves cute bedsheets but has to deal with boring double bed duvet covers, this is a great gift for them. You can choose to purchase it for twin, queen, or king-sized beds.


Business owners and workers can love sharks too! Do you know a shark lover who works in an office and always has a load of business cards on their desk? Why don’t you consider getting them a shark-shaped business card holder to neaten up their workspace a little? 

The cardholder is made from walnut wood, which is incredibly high-quality, and is laser cut for a great and accurate shape without any nicks or imperfections. It is then covered in a layer of wax to give it a gorgeous finish so that it looks so high-quality that you’ll want to buy one for yourself. 

You have to put it together once it’s shipped to you, but it only comes in three parts and is very simple to put together. The holder can keep up to 30 business cards at once so your friend won’t have to keep topping them up every couple of minutes. This is a great gift and addition to anyone’s desk at work. 


Plant pots come in a range of different shapes and sizes, but this one just takes the cake in our eyes. The plant reaches out of the open jaws of a shark, giving the illusion that the shark is about to eat the plant. The pot is made of high-quality ceramic and is painted well to ensure a sleek look to the recipient’s home. 

This gift is both great and funny, so it’s an ideal choice for anyone who likes sharks and enjoys keeping plants around their house. You could even get them a plant to go in it as well! Even if your friend doesn’t like plants, they can still use this pot as a little trinket holder as well. 


Finally, the last gift we’ve got is another funny option for your friend or family member who likes sharks. Why not get them a cool costume that is similar to the one that featured in Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl halftime show. There are different sizes to choose from so that you can get it for anyone you know. 

The head features a smiling mouth with a hole for the wearers own head, large eyes, gills, and fins to resemble a real shark. This is obviously a gag gift, but imagine the look on the recipients face when they open this one up! 


That concludes our list of the best shark gifts on the market today. No matter what the occasion that you need the gift for, there is plenty of choice listed above. Whether the gift is for a friend, family member, or co-worker, we hope that we gave you enough choice to find them the ideal gift. 

We’ve listed a number of gifts all with varying price points, some funny and some serious, and some for different levels of thoughtfulness. There are clothing options for adults, children, babies, and pets, enabling you to be able to find a gift for literally anyone in your life! Thank you for reading our article, and we hope that the shark lover in your life loves their new gift!

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