Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins Review

Even though the company was only created in 2015, Wildhorn Outfitters has already made a name for itself among outdoor enthusiasts. Situated in Salt Lake Valley near to the Wasatch mountains, this company makes game changing equipment for camping, hiking, snow sports and snorkeling.

There are a lot of big players in the snorkeling fins and snorkel mask market, such as Cressi, Seavenger, Cozia and US divers, but the new generation, affordable finds are also getting a bunch of positive reviews from casual snorkelers who need a more affordable option than what is being offered by the popular brands out there. 

One model that’s getting a lot of attention among water sports enthusiasts is the Topside snorkel fins. The only real difference between these fins and the ones offered by the brand’s competitors is your ability to be able to comfortably wear the fins on land.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these fins, read on to learn more about them. 

Information about Sizing

These fins are going to fit along with your normal sizing. You should keep in mind that snorkel fins are going to expand a little when you are not in the water and the fins are wet. You can also round up your shoe size for half shoe sizes and this should give you a good fit.

The smallest size for men is a 9, and the men’s sizes can go up to 13, while the smallest size for women’s fins is 6 and they can go up to 11.

Comfort and Material

As we already mentioned in the sizing section, the fins are designed to fit like a shoe and this is because neoprene is used for the upper construct of the fins.

If you go snorkeling a lot of you often review equipment that is trending, you will be aware that the main problem with normal snorkeling fins when they are used for a long time is the blisters that happen as a result of the extremely tight fit. Thankfully these fins are a little like stretch fit neoprene boots, so they expand a little when they are wet so you can avoid getting painful blisters after wearing them.

To get the best possible results, you should try to adjust the fins once you make your way into the water. Then, release and readjust the hook and loop velcro adjustable strap system just around your ankle so you will have the best possible fit for your snorkeling. The fins will feel almost like socks or boots so they’re very comfortable, and you will be able to spend longer periods of time swimming, snorkeling or participating in watersports such as bodyboarding or paddleboarding due to the neoprene boot material used.

Unlike open heeled fins, the toes of these fins are closed and this helps to ensure that you avoid tension or cramps in your feet while you are snorkeling.

Versatile - Snorkel in Water and Walk on Land

One of the best things about these snorkel fins in comparison to standard snorkeling fins is that they combine two different functions just in one solitary piece of equipment. These fins act both as outdoor shoes and as find of the water. The vast majority of people that have worn these fins have commended the fact that they allow you to be able to walk on land very comfortable with the fins already on (this may sound a little silly but they are made to allow this to happen.)

With the snorkeling fins you don’t even need to worry about looking ridiculous waddling in and out of the water, and in addition, the fins are incredibly easy to put on, especially in comparison to other kinds of fins. The foot protection when you are on land is then secured by rubber soles, and a lot of people that have used these fins have said that they work quite well on rocky surfaces, beaches and most other kinds of uneven terrain.

Wildhorn Find for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Other Sports

One of the biggest issues with these fins actually comes when you are snorkeling or swimming in water. Essentially, the fins do make it a lot easier for you to walk on land in them because the blades are slightly shorter, but this means that because they are shorter you aren’t going to be able to swim as fast as you would be able to with standard snorkel fins. This may not be too much of an issue for people who snorkel casually, but those who want to exercise swimming faster or those who want some more speed while they are snorkeling don’t feel that these fins are the best snorkeling fins.

The blades are quite good if you are looking to improve your strength though, and if you use them with the proper technique then you will get a good boost to your swimming speed.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the fins have a more emphasized down kick. This is because of the top construct of the boot. The blade fins will give you the necessary thrust that you need in order to get to your target destination, and many users indicate this in their reviews of the product. 

Are These Fins As Easy to Carry as Travel Fins? 

For a lot of buyers, the main selling point of the Topside fins is that they allow you to comfortably walk on land. The next best thing about these fins is that they can easily fit in your travel luggage (like when you are going on a body boarding or long distance paddle boarding trip). When you are on your travels, you can easily slip your Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins inside of your carry on or in your backpack. They are perfect for easy packing and easy transportation of snorkel equipment, and they even float in water so can be moved around easily when they aren’t on your feet in the water. 

As the company says, it’s a pretty valid assertion that they have found a good sweet spot of snorkel fins for people that want a highly portable option for their snorkeling adventures. They will be kept nice and safe even in tightly packed travel luggage because the bases consist of a high grade polymer blend.

Frequently Asked Questions about Topside Snorkel Fins

Are these fins suitable for bodysurfing?

The fins are quite rigid and so are very suitable for bodysurfing, but you should ensure that you test them out if you’re bodysurfing among large waves.

Does the neoprene boot detach from the bottom for washing purposes?

Unfortunately no, the neoprene boots are attached to the rubber soles of the fins. 

How much do the fins weigh? 

These fins weigh 1 pound 1 oz for each fin.

Do the fins come with a bag outside of the shipping box?

No, the fins do not come with a bag.

Is it possible to use these fins for lap swimming efficiently?

It is possible to use these fins for lap swimming but you should remember that your speed is going to be limited because of the length of the blades. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for snorkel fins that are useable on land, then you should definitely consider the Topside Snorkel Fins. In addition, if you are just interested in going snorkeling casually then these are a great choice for you. To summarize our final thoughts, here are some pros and cons:

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