Best Scuba Mouthpieces

Nobody thinks about their mouthpiece. Well, maybe they do when it’s time to get a new one.

But it’s easy to forget the importance of having a high quality, well-fitting mouthpiece if you’re going to get the most out of scuba diving. At least, it’s easy to forget if you've already got a good one.

If you’ve got a low quality or ill-fitting mouthpiece, chances are you’ll know about it every day you dive.

Unless you’re a professional diver getting paid, every time you go underwater, you should be having fun. And nothing kills fun like jaw fatigue from a poorly fitting or overly stiff mouthpiece.

Let’s make sure that never happens to you. Here are the best scuba mouthpieces on the market.

Top 10 Best Scuba Mouthpieces


The SeaCure X Type is a moldable mouthpiece.

That means that just like when the dentist wants to take a cast of your teeth, the mouthpiece will soften to fit your mouth precisely. Teeth, jaws, gums and mouth will all be captured by the X Type. It feels like you’ve had a mouthpiece made especially for you.

Because it molds exactly to the individual shape of your mouth, this is a mouthpiece that eliminates jaw fatigue. No more reaching, no more over-extension, no more dull thudding ache or distraction when you should be diving.

The X-shape of the X Type cuts down on bulk too, meaning it’s a mouthpiece that minimizes gagging – which can only ever be a good thing.


The Aqua Lung Comfo-Bite does what it promises to do – it brings comfort to the diver, meaning longer divers with less pain and distraction.

It’s also a slight misnomer, because part of the point of it is that you don’t have to bite down hard. Instead, you relax your jaws and let your teeth hold the mouthpiece naturally. No stress. No tension. No jaw fatigue.

Made of durable black silicone rubber, it might take long experienced divers a while to understand that there’s no bite down necessary at all. Once you’re used to that idea, though, the Comfo-Bite is a stress-free, pain-free revolution in mouthpiece design


Comfort is fine. Comfort is Rule #1 when it comes to scuba mouthpieces. But it’s no good if you don’t swirl a little durability into the mix. Atomic Aquatics has you covered with its regulator mouthpiece.

Made from two layers of different kinds of silicone, it’s got the flexibility to deliver long-term comfort. But it’s also a robust mouthpiece that will take everything life and diving throws at it for years to come.


Trident goes a different route to some of the other most comfortable mouthpieces on our list by adding a roof of mouth bridge to its Comfort Bite mouthpiece.

Combined with rolled edges, it’s a feature that makes more everyday sense to our mind than most bite-down mouthpieces. It’s also impressively comfortable to use for longer periods, the bridge helping take the pressure off the diver’s jaw.

And while we’re marvelling at the comfort of the Comfort Bite, let’s give props to Trident for making its mouthpiece out of hypoallergenic materials.

That means it’s safe for that subset of divers who persevere with the hobby despite sensitivities to the usual materials from which mouthpieces are traditionally made.

A comfort mouthpiece safe for those with allergies and sensitivities? You should feel free to try and find the bad there.

We’ll wait.


Edge Moldable Mouthpiece (Blue)

Edge brings another moldable mouthpiece to the marketplace.

This is not the moldable mouthpiece you think you know.

It has a unique design, but it’s also not unique just for the sake of it. The idea behind the design is to avoid the mouthpiece rubbing against your gums.

Big deal?

OK, let’s do this.

Imagine even a two-hour diving session where there’s something rubbing against your gums with every breath you take.

And then imagine the same two-hour diving session where there’s nothing rubbing against your gums.

Yep. That’s why Edge developed its rubbing-free mouthpiece.

It’s also designed to relax your jaw muscles and, because it’s smaller than most mouthpieces, to form a better seal between your lips and the piece.

Overall, when you first encounter the Edge mouthpiece, you might not know what to make of it.

On closer inspection, it’s a mouthpiece with the kindness built in.

So make it yours.


Scubapro has a lot of experience in the diving equipment world.

Its mouthpiece and hose protector kit is more straightforward and traditional than many on this list. Where Scubapro delivers some uniqueness is in two areas.

Firstly, it combines a second-stage mouthpiece with a first-stage hose protector. What does that mean?

It lets you differentiate between mixes when you’re doing technical diving, so it’s a neat addition to your options.

As much as anything though, the Scubapro kit is valuable as an individual identifier. That’s because it comes in vivid colours – pink, blue, yellow etc – to add a touch of personalization to your dive gear.

Recognize your kit in a heartbeat with the Scubapro mouthpiece.


Scuba Choice has developed its Long Bite mouthpiece for divers with larger mouths.

If that sounds flippant, imagine the struggle of having a bigger mouth and trying to use a mouthpiece made for smaller mouths.

Instant jaw fatigue.

The Scuba Choice mouthpiece is made of soft silicone which is comfortable to bite. That means less stress on the diver’s jaws from the first time you use it. It’s also wider than normal, so it’s more comfortable for bigger-mouthed divers.

It’s worth keeping that in mind, both if you’re especially looking for a broader mouthpiece and if you’re looking for a standard.


Apeks has given thought to something rarely considered in mouthpiece design – the growth of bacteria between uses.

Think about it.

Your mouthpiece sits in your mouth for big chunks of time. It also possibly gets rinsed in seawater before and after use. In between times, it’s quite possible for the mouthpiece to grow colonies of bacteria.


The Apeks mouthpiece is durable and robust, but is also made of antibacterial material, to cut down the growth of bacteria between uses.

If you want to be sure your mouthpiece is safe every time you use it, the antibacterial Apeks mouthpiece might well be worth your time and mouthpiece money.


Oh heck yes.

Innovative Scuba Concepts’ Comfort Cushion is a well-named mouthpiece. It’s like a slumber party for your mouth.

We’re talking ergonomic design to reduce jaw stress. We’re talking gel-filled tabs that sit in your mouth and insulate you from the stress of the bite. That’s a lot of in-built protection from the hazards and hassles of traditional mouthpieces.

Welcome to happy jaws.

For a touch of extra flair, the Comfort Cushion comes in a range of vivid colors, allowing for personalization of your gear.

Give your jaws a treat – cover them in a Comfort Cushion and check out the upgrade from your traditional mouthpiece.


The Snokel mouthpiece combines a lot of the things you’ve seen as the best on the market throughout this list.

There’s high quality in the construction and shaping of the mouthpiece. There’s soft silicone to help ease the bite-tension in your jaws. It’s also food-grade silicone, for ease of cleaning and durability. It’s easy to install, and works with most snorkels and regulators.

Pound for pound, the Snokel mouthpiece delivers a lot of great elements that elevate you from traditional mouthpieces to a pain-free new reality.

And best of all, it delivers all that for a bargain price

Different Types of Mouthpiece


Basic and standard-sized mouthpieces are what you find on cheaper regulators and rental gear. Usually, they come with two basic tabs and you need to bite down hard on them. That means you’ll probably get jaw strain when you use them. And it means they won’t last you as long as other, more dedicated mouthpieces.

If you’re not a regular diver, you can get away with using these basic units.

If you’re going to be diving regularly, take a deep breath and take a look down our list for a mouthpiece that won’t cause you pain, and that will last you longer.

Cushioned Mouthpieces

These are mouthpieces loaded with soft grips over the biting tabs.

That makes them a lot more comfortable than traditional mouthpieces. It also means they’re less susceptible to damage over time, so they’ll last longer across your diving life.

They will cost you slightly more than traditional mouthpieces. But you’ll feel where your money goes in terms of less pain and stress, better diving, and a longer-lasting mouthpiece.

Long Bite Mouthpieces

Long bite mouthpieces are great if you have a longer or wider mouth. They have more to bite into – again, mitigating the hell that is jaw stress.

Be aware – long bite mouthpieces are a dream come true if you have a longer bite.

If you don’t, you should probably avoid them, because they’ll demand you over-extend your jaw to fit them.

Tooth Covering, Winged, and Bridged Mouthpieces

These are mouthpieces with specific mechanisms to keep them in place more securely than others.

If you twist and swivel a lot while you’re diving, these are ideal for you, because they’ll keep you firmly connected to your mouthpiece whatever you do.

One thing to keep in mind with these mouthpieces is that they can rub the insides of your mouth. That said, if you can find one that works snugly for you, they can be great and well worth the money for that closer connection to your mouthpiece.

Custom Fit Mouthpieces

Custom-fitting mouthpieces work like dentists’ molds.

You trim them down, gently soften them in hot water, and bite down into them, so you get a mold that’s formed to your mouth and your bite-shape.  

When you start using them, they can be tricky to get used to. But when you get them right, they’re more perfectly fitted, and give you less jaw fatigue, than most other types of mouthpiece on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scuba diving mouthpiece called?

The scuba diving mouthpiece is referred to by two different names - the regulator and the demand valve. It is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who is scuba diving. 

The reason this piece of equipment is so vital is that it controls how you breathe and the pressure of the breathing gas you use when you are diving. This ensures you have adequate levels of it to stay alive under the water. 

Typically you may find that the job of the regulator (or demand valve if you prefer to call it that) is to reduce the pressurized breathing gas down to ambient pressure. This is then delivered to the diver. 

The pressure can change as you breathe. This is because the pressure gets reduced when you inhale so that the regulator can give you the air you need. It works in two stages. Let’s explore how it works in more detail… 

In the first stage, the air is passed through two air chambers that are separated by a valve. When the regulator of your mouthpiece is pressurized, the air passes through the open valve at high pressure to the second chamber. In the second chamber, it gets to an intermediate pressure of around 8 to 11 bars. 

When you breathe the air during the second stage, the air gets released from the valve at a safe pressure for breathing. This only happens when you physically inhale. The pressure of the air changes from 8 to 11 bars to ambient pressure. 

Are regulator mouthpieces universal?

The mouthpieces that are attached to your scuba diving kits can change depending on your needs. Of course, the regulator or demand valve will always work in the same way, as this is what provides you with that vital pressure to breathe underwater. 

However, the mouthpiece through which you inhale can be different. You can get some that are custom-made according to your mouth shape and the way you bite. 

Others are pretty basic, such as those you’d find on rental gear where the material is relatively thin and can be bitten through with lots of use. 

You should carefully consider how often you will be using your mouthpiece before buying. Invest in a good quality custom piece made from sturdy material if you plan to use it often. 

How do you wear a scuba mouthpiece?

To wear a scuba mouthpiece, you must keep it firmly in your mouth. To do this, you should bite down to keep it sturdy. Some people will then close their mouths around the mouthpiece. 

For this reason, you must choose a mouthpiece made from sturdy material so that you do not bite through it. Think of it like sucking a drink through a straw and keeping your mouth pursed around the straw afterward. 

The mouthpiece will have been designed to create a tight seal so that water cannot get into your mouth. As such, there will likely be pieces of rubber to make gripping with your teeth easier. 

What is a regulator in scuba diving?

The regulator in scuba diving is the piece of equipment that enables you to breathe underwater. It is essential if you plan to scuba dive as, without it, you would only be able to stay underwater for less than 2 minutes! 

It regulates the air you inhale by adjusting its pressure through a complex system. As we mentioned earlier, this is done in two stages, and the aim is to get the pressure of the air to an intermediate level (8-11 bars), and then bring it to ambient levels when you inhale.

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