Best Kid’s Wetsuit Reviews

Wetsuits really are a key essential for many different water sports.  Not only are they specifically designed to keep the body warm, but they can do a lot more besides.  They protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and they protect you from any harmful substances in the water too.

And of course we want our kids to enjoy the benefits and protection of a wetsuit as well.

We’re going to level with you here though, getting the right size wetsuit for a youngster can be a little tricky.  But if you get it right, it’s great for the kid’s confidence in the water, they won’t feel uncomfortable and they can simply get on with enjoying their water sport and improving their skills.

We’ve been checking out some of the best kid’s wetsuits that are out on the market today, and we’ve handpicked our top few picks to show you.  

That’s coming up shortly, and after that we’ve got a handy buying/information guide which covers things like the different benefits of wearing a wetsuit for kids, and the different types of wetsuits available for kids.

Top 4 Best Kid’s Wetsuit Reviews



This is a pretty perfect full body wetsuit for kids from Seavenger.

Seavenger is a company that has been making quality dive gear for years and this wetsuit is an upgrade on previous models, with improved sizing and fit.


This kid’s wetsuit can be used for any number of fun watersports, whether it be light water sport such as kayaking, rafting and so on, or something more wholly in the water, like snorkeling, surfing or diving.  In fact having such a versatile wetsuit is a good excuse to try out more water sports!

Color Options

Although the wetsuits are predominantly black to attract warmth from the sun, there are some panels of color, and there’s a nice variety of colors for your kid to choose from, including ocean blue, pearl blue, fire red and coral pink.


The Seavenger wetsuit’s neoprene material is a super stretchy material, and you can move around in it as much as you like quite freely without feeling at all restricted.  

And since the knee area is usually one of the first areas to see wear, Seavenger have tackled this problem by including flexible anti-abrasion knee panels for added durability.  These panels don’t hinder your movement in any and have the added benefit of providing extra traction.

Thermal Protection

The Seavenger Scout’s 3mm thick neoprene material is great at conserving body heat and keeping kids nice and warm.  Your child won’t get at all cold and certainly won’t be at risk from hypothermia.


  • Upgraded design

  • Fit is snug yet flexible

  • Really comfy to wear

  • Durable material

  • Breathable

  • Prevents skin chafing

  • Thermal protection


  • There have been the occasional complaints from customers, with some saying the legs are too long, while others have said that the legs are too tight.



This premium wetsuit form Realon is another great choice.  

It provides great protection of the torso and upper limbs, whilst leaving the forearms and lower legs free, and is a trendier version of the full body wetsuit.

50+ UV Protection

What we love about this kid’s wetsuit is it’s superior protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, with an SPF value of 50+.  So good for your peace of mind!  And if that’s not enough, it also offers protection from jellyfish bites too.

Professional Quality

Realon use only the best materials in their wetsuits.  The main body of the wetsuit is comprised of 3mm thick premium neoprene, which enables the wearer to move as freely as they like.  And then it features spandex panels for better mobility in the shoulder area, and then lycra in the arms and legs for even more freedom.

Prevents Irritation

The Realon kid’s wetsuit is designed to prevent the kind of skin irritation you often get with more traditional wetsuits.  It tackles this problem by using flatlock stitches.   

And better yet the collar is adjustable and easy to open and close, preventing the wetsuit from ever feeling too tight at the neck. 


This is a wetsuit that’s really built to last.  It’s abrasion resistant, which we think is a great feature.  And because the material stretches, the first size you buy should last as the child keeps growing and you should certainly get your money’s worth out of it.


  • Snug & comfy fit

  • 50+ UV protection

  • Easy back zipper

  • Not a full body suit

  • Stretchy material

  • Breathable

  • Durable


  • There’s a distinctive chemical smell when you first open the package, but this soon dissipates.

  • Customers who’ve bought the product have said that the sizes run a little on the small side, and if you want to order one you should order one size up.



This last kid’s wetsuit is a one-piece number from Cokar.

It has a nice, sleek design and is available in an array of different color options that your child can pick from.  The style features several color accents, and the bright yellow variety is particularly easy to spot.

Better yet, Cokar tests all of their swimwear before they make it available to buy, so you can 100% count on them to provide top quality.


This kid’s wetsuit from Cokar is a multi-use one, perfect for every kind of watersport, whether your kid’s into paddleboarding, canoeing, surfing or diving and so on.  Great stuff if you ask us!

Superior Fit

This kid’s wetsuit is great for those with small frames and provides perfect support, helping your kid to feel as comfortable as can be without any unnecessary restriction.

The one-piece design is super easy to put on and take off, thanks to the easy-pull zipper found at the back of the garment.

Durable Design

With it’s strong neoprene material, this is a wetsuit that’s built to last.  Your child can enjoy several vacations playing their favorite water sports before either the suit gets worn or they grow out of it.


  • One-piece design

  • Sleek and colorful

  • Designed to last

  • Suitable for several water sports

  • Stretchy, snug & comfortable

  • Premium neoprene material


  • There’s a distinctive chemical smell when you first open the package, but this soon dissipates.

  • Some customers have reported that the sizing is a little off, however some customers have said it's too loose, while others have said that it’s too tight.  (We warned you earlier in our introduction that the sizing of kids wetsuits can be tricky.)



This is a great little full body kid’s wetsuit from Ireenuo.

As a full body wetsuit it can be worn in more scenarios than your shorter varieties, including (but by no means limited to) swimming, surfing, and white water rafting.

It has a unisex black design, and is available with red or with blue accents.

50+ U​V Protection

You’ll be pleased to hear that this wetsuit offers UPF 50+ Sun Protection against the Sun's harmful UV Rays, thanks to it’s full body coverage.

Other Protection

The wetsuit is built to slow body temperature loss and prevent any incidence of hypothermia, as you expect from a wetsuit.  But it also provides protection against reef abrasion injuries and jellyfish stings.

Quality Build

The Ireenuo provides a very ergonomic design that’s both comfortable and convenient.  The main material itself is eco-friendly, which is goods news, and is also breathable and durable.  And for additional comfort there’s fabric in place to prevent any discomfort arising from the zipper.

Speaking of the zipper, it opens from the front of the garment, which makes  things much easier when it comes to putting the wetsuit on and taking it off.

Customer feedback

Customers who’ve bought the wetsuit appear to be very happy with it.  On the Amazon page for example, you’ll notice that the average Amazon customer rating comes in at 4 and half stars out of 5, with about three quarters of customers rating it at a full 5 stars out of 5


  • Smart, sleek appearance

  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection

  • Protection against abrasion

  • Protection against stings

  • Great customer feedback

  • Comfortable & snug

  • True to size & ergonomic

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • Breathable & durable

  • Front opening zipper


  • Some customers have reported problems with the zipper

Best Kid’s Wetsuit​ Buying Guide

Benefits of Wearing a Kid’s Wetsuit 

With all it’s advantages, a good wetsuit has a lot to offer the wearer, and when your kid’s wearing one, you can benefit from some real peace of mind.  Here’s what you get for your money.


Without a wetsuit for their watersports, your child is at risk of becoming so cold they could, in the worst case scenario, face hypothermia.  And that’s not an option, so a good quality wetsuit is a must.  They’re far more effective than other swimwear at keeping their wearer properly warm and insulated.


Many water sports lovers like to enjoy their hobbies under a nice warm sun, and in this scenario a wetsuit becomes more important.  By simply covering so much more of the body than your usual swimwear, your child gets far better protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Without such protection, your child is at risk from sunburn, or in the worst case scenario, sunstroke.

Some kid’s wetsuits, like the Realon one we showed you earlier, can actually offer SPF 50+ UV protection.

But that’s not the only safety feature they offer.  A good wetsuit can also protect the wearer from potential jellyfish stings or bites from other creatures.  

And moreover, it can also prevent any abrasion caused by fast currents and waves.


Did you know that wetsuits can also provide more buoyancy for the wearer?

It’s not an excessive amount, but it’s very reassuring all the same.  Even good swimmers can struggle when the tide is high, so to know that there’s some buoyancy in your child’s wetsuit means you don’t have to worry so much about any worst case scenario situations, the wetsuit will help them stay afloat.

Types of Wetsuits for Kids

There are 3 main types of wetsuits that you can buy for kids.

There’s the traditional one-piece variety and these are the ones that offer the most protection from the cold and the most protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  This is the best type for sports where the child is frequently under the water, such as swimming, scuba diving, surfing or snorkeling.  If this sounds good to you, you should check out our Number 1 Pick, the Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Child Wetsuit,  or our Number 3 Pick the Cokar Neoprene Wetsuit, or our Number 4 Pick, the IREENUO Kids Wetsuit.

Then there are shorter ones.  These have shorter sleeves and end just above the knees.  This variety is more commonly used in lighter water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

Then there’s a third variety, the “farmer John” style, and this ensemble features full length legs but no arms at all.

As for which type is best to go for, it basically depends on which particular watersports your child intends to take part in.  Many kid’s wetsuits are multi-use and can be worn for a variety of watersports, like our Number 1 Pick, the Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Child Wetsuit,  or our Number 3 Pick the Cokar Neoprene Wetsuit, or our Number 4 Pick, the IREENUO Kids Wetsuit.


So, as you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to get your kid/s a good wetsuit if you plan on taking them out on the water.  And there’s no end to what water sports they could potentially enjoy if they have the right suit.

With all the protection they can offer, against hypothermia, against sunburn, against abrasion and bites, they are a good and worthy investment.

Any one of the kid’s wetsuits we’ve shown you above would make for a good choice, but as we’ve mentioned earlier full body wetsuits can offer more protection than the other varieties.

The main thing worth looking out for in your kid’s wetsuit is good quality material.  Neoprene is a good choice because it provides that all-important insulation, and also provides stretch for the ultimate in snugness and comfort, but at the same time is also very durable.  We also suggest that you should look for a wetsuit which has neoprene which is at least 2.5mm thick.

We’ve rated the Number 1 Pick, the Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Child Wetsuit, one as our favorite, but we’ll be the first to admit it’s not the cheapest.  If you’re particularly budget conscious, then our Number 4 Pick, the IREENUO Kids Wetsuit offers a more wallet friendly option.

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