Best Mens Water Shoes

If you're visiting the beach or going snorkeling then you NEED water shoes. Aside from anything harmful on the beach, there are lots of sharp, dangerous rocks in the water. The last thing you want is to have to leave the water. If you are going out a little further, then there are also small fish and water animals that could potentially sting your feet.

We have listed our top choices of the best men's shoes suitable for wear during snorkeling and on the beach.

Best Men's Water Shoes for Snorkeling and Beach


The Merrell Men's all-out blaze sieve is more of an adventure shoe than a water shoe. Designed to tackle all sorts of wet and dry scenarios this is a great go-to water ready hiking sandal. However, you may not find it the most comfortable shoe for swimming. 

This shoe is both water repellent and quick drying, courtesy of the leather and neoprene construction with a synthetic sole.

They are ideal for walking through creeks or riverbeds and the waxy leather with a fabric upper holds out exceptionally well in wet conditions. The open heel and openings on the upper account for excellent airflow and breathability. 

The UniFly midsole delivers all-day cushioned comfort. You can enjoy improved traction courtesy of the TC5+ Vibram outsole which presents 3mm lugs. 

Users favor the bungee lace system along with the protective toe bumper. The lacing system allows you to make quick adjustments on the go, whilst the latter protects your toes from any hazards that may arise when you are exploring.

Another nice feature is the M Select Fresh Antimicrobial treatment which works to prevent the development of bacteria whilst keeping any odors under control. Moreover, the neoprene portion circling the ankle, strengthens stability. 

As this shoe has a wide fit, it may be worth buying a shoe half a size less for the best fit. Besides this, you can expect excellent all-round comfort without any blisters when walking in wet and dry conditions. These are great amphibian hiking shoes that are worth considering.


ALEADER Men's Mesh Slip On Water Shoes Navy 9.5 D(M) US

As a comfortable and flexible shoe, the Aleader slip on water shoes is likely to satisfy the majority of swimmers. They are made from mesh which is breathable and durable allowing for very good airflow and superior comfort. As well as the open mesh upper, this shoe features holes on the sole for additional enhanced breathability, whilst also helping them to dry quicker.

The outsole is not only breathable but has been designed to provide superior traction, even when worn in wet and slippery conditions. 

Thanks to the Solyte midsole, these shoes are exceptionally comfortable. They are lightweight and durable with excellent bounce back.

Additionally, the comfort dry sock liners add cushioning, while creating a shoe environment that is drier, cooler, and healthier. 

Users appreciate the comfort of these shoes, however, they also suggest that they are not the easiest to clean from sand or pebbles. Designed with a holed outsole, they also appear to attract grime when walking on lakes with muddy bottoms. 

Even with the inclusion of several drying technologies, they still aren't as moisture-wicking as advertised. 

Regardless of these complaints, they retail at a great price and are super comfy and breathable, remaining a great choice for the money.


The Newport H2 water shoe by KEEN has been designed with adventurers in mind. With a thick compressed molded midsole, you are provided with excellent cushioning regardless of the type of terrain that you are traveling across. The Razor-siped sole ensures traction too. 

These shoes have been designed for active use in wet and dry conditions, boasting a quick-dry lining and the washable webbed upper amplifies breathability. 

Your feet will be protected at all times thanks to the wide toe box with a reinforced toe area. 

This is a lightweight and comfortable shoe that can be worn with or without socks. Designed with rugged soles and no Velcro straps they are both robust and durable. The design of the sandal ensures proper airflow which prevents your feet from overheating during longer hikes.

Although the Newport H2 model may not be the most practical choice for swimming, they could be the best men’s water shoe on the market for those planning to hike in wet and dry conditions.


If you are looking for an inexpensive, comfortable pair of swim shoes, this model of SIMARI Men's water shoes could be just what you are looking for.

They provide sock-like comfort which is super lightweight and compressible. Delivering a barefoot feeling, they are flexible enough for compact packing to transport. Consuming minimal space in luggage or a beach bag they are an ideal choice for vacation. 

Available in a range of sizes and colors they are a great choice suitable for men and women. 

The unique design with a smooth neck, prevents the occurrence of chafing when these shoes are worn in the water. With an ergonomically molded sole, you are provided with adequate cushioning along with impressive shock-absorbing performance. 

Users appear to like the smooth fabric upper which is perfect for diving, courtesy of the advanced breathable design, and moisture-wicking properties. 

Air permeability and non slip resistance are ensured by the TPR soles which account for performance on slippery terrains. 

This shoe is an ideal choice for swimming or participating in beach sports like volleyball, thanks to its superior flexibility. They are also ideal for kayaking or sailing but can be worn to the gym too if you plan on attending any Pilate or yoga classes.

SIMARI SWS001 are suitable for a vast range of indoor and outdoor activities, a perfect choice if you are looking for a well-performing but affordable pair of water shoes.


A unique design with outstanding quality and excellent balance is the Vibram V Aqua. Delivering exceptional comfort, they are specifically designed for water activities, allowing for natural foot movement in every circumstance. 

A snug fit on the foot and each toe is ensured, courtesy of the unique toe design. This design enhances your balance on the seabed, whilst remaining comfortable enough if you should decide to wear them walking or hiking. 

The thick mega grip rubber sole protects the foot from any injuries whilst helping to resist punctures or cuts. Moreover, with silicone prints on the insole, these shoes are likely to conform to a secure fit. 

Whilst most users suggest that it fits to size, others suggest that it may be worth getting the shoes a size smaller for improved control and agility on all types of terrain, as they are more of a snug fit. 

These shoes can be worn with or without socks depending on your preference, and are lightweight and breathable. They are quick-drying and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Impressively, each of the materials and processes included in the manufacturing of this shoe respect the vegan principles. 

Unquestionably, these shoes are a great pick for activists, who want to protect the environment. 


Another great pair of affordable shoes are the UBFEN men's water shoes, a perfect choice for snorkeling, diving, swimming, and other water activities. As they are lightweight and comfortable, these water shoes are also great to wear walking, cycling, or playing beach sports. 

Designed for amplified performance on wet terrain the durable sole with convex dots, provides superior anti-skid ability along with strong friction as you walk. Along the bottom of the shoe, there are multiple holes for quick and efficient drainage of any excess water. 

A nice aspect of these holes is that they are big enough to allow the water to drain through as you walk, however, they remain small enough to prevent any sand or rocks getting into the shoe. 

The upper is constructed from a fabric that is smooth and stretchy, and this slip-on design makes the shoes easy to put on and take off. The bungee laces allow for easy adjustments making them super snug and comfortable.

These shoes can easily be attached to a backpack or beach bag thanks to the flexible twist and loop design. 

They are cushiony without being heavy, although they may not be a great choice for men who have wider feet, however, they are great for those looking for a tidy pair of snug water shoes. 


The Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 water shoes have been designed to provide your feet with protection at the beach. An innovative, lightweight shoe created using a four-way stretch fabric.

An ideal pick for active men, they are easy to take off and put on and the mesh panels allow for ventilation and fast drying. With maximum breathability, these shoes are also much more comfortable to wear when walking over hot sand, whilst also preventing the build-up of bacterial growth.

Although this is a pull-on style shoe with no laces or velcro straps, they still deliver a snug and secure fit. Similar to other water shoes, they aren't the most practical choice for those who have wider feet.

In regards to the sole, the surf walker offers an impressive S trac TPR outsole with a no-slip grip on the majority of terrains. Coinciding with this, the sole also delivers strengthened water management along with effective flow dispersion. 

Although this shoe is a great choice overall, it does still come with a few flaws. On one hand, you are provided with very little arch support despite the molded rubber sole. On the other hand, the seams in the toe area are prone to becoming rather uncomfortable, particularly when you are walking. 

Retailing at a slightly higher price than others on the list, these swim shoes are a great choice for water sports, however, they aren't as suitable for beach games, walking, or other dry sports. 


An excellent choice for hiking or those partaking in water sports, are these easy on three-toed water shoes by Body Glove. 

You will notice improved balance and enhanced comfort thanks to the three toe design, which delivers a barefoot feel on those occasions where footwear is a must. Your feet will be protected when climbing waterfalls or walking along sharp rocks through the sturdy thick rubber soles.

With a lightweight construction, this is an ideal shoe for snorkeling and diving, the material choices allow for hybrid use both in and out of the water. 

A notable missing feature would be the presence of laces or velcro straps. While you are still able to ensure a snug fit via the heel loop, you will constantly have to pull the tie to stop sand or rocks getting into your shoes. 

Available in a variety of sizes, the 3T Barefoot Cinch is not the cheapest option available. Despite this, if you are searching for a durable and dependable shoe then these are worthy of your investment. 

The integrated drainage system enhances comfort by cooling off your feet and encouraging air circulation. 

A nice feature is the antimicrobial footbed that works to prevent the build-up of bacteria and the presence of odors. 

A perfect choice for a range of outdoor activities, these shoes are great for those who are avid adventurers.


The next water shoe that has made our list is a model from the brand Humtto. This stylish and colorful shoe is a mixture of hiking and swimming footwear, suitable to wear on most occasions and terrain. 

One of the best things about these shoes is that they adapt to different foot types. The adjustable webbing makes it suitable for those with thin or wide feet. Along with being increased comfort as you walk, the breathable mesh fabric upper facilitates air circulation ultimately resulting in improved comfort. 

Incorporated into the anti-collision design is the rubber shoe cap, this stops the toes from getting hurt when climbing waterfalls or slippery rocks.

With a thick and cushioned sole, these Humtto shoes have been designed to absorb shocks effectively. Furthermore, on the side of the sole, there are quick drainage holes that allow the water to flow out quickly.

Just like the majority of water shoes, these dry quickly. Featuring an adjustable strap with a high-quality buckle you are able to find the perfect fit. 

Available in variants suitable for both men and women, this shoe is ideal for walking, swimming or participating in beach sports. 


As a very popular brand, Crocs are praised for producing excellent high-quality footwear. Whether you're looking for hiking and walking shoes or water shoes, they offer a variety of sandals, shoes, and boots that are going to satisfy your feet no matter what challenge you are faced with. 

For those who are likely to be tackling wet and dry trekking or who are looking for snorkeling or diving shoes, the Swiftwater has the potential to be an excellent choice. 

When looking at these shoes, the first feature you are likely to notice is the cushioned sole which promises unrivaled shock absorption and support. This thick sole is also going to protect your feet from any cuts or punctures that you may encounter when walking along river beds and sand sea bottoms. 

Designed with a mesh upper, this is 100% textile, that is both breathable and moisture-wicking, as you would expect from a good quality water shoe. 

These shoes provide you with iconic comfort, and the hook and loop closure enables you to choose from a snugger or looser fit depending upon your preference. 

An ideal choice for wider feet, the lateral holes promote breathability along with strengthened water drainage. However, these shoes aren't the best choice for walking along sandy beaches. Another flaw is the upper design, sand can get caught easily between your foot and the inner front straps resulting in horrible blisters. 

These shoes are worthy of the title of the best men's water shoes as they are lightweight and perform well. However, they are not recommended for playing beach games or going for strolls along the sand. 


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