Cenote Lol Ha

Cenote Lol Ha is an absolute gem of a place!  

It can be found right at the very heart of dense rainforest come jungle in a village called Yaxunah which is situated in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

It’s a relatively quiet little place that doesn’t see as many tourists as other cenotes in the state, making it quite the idyllic little escape.

Where is Cenote Lol Ha

The fact that it’s not so heavily promoted as a destination means it's usually discovered by accident by people driving to Merida.  Cenote Lol Ha is situated about 15 miles from Chichen Itza, which for those of you which haven’t heard of it, is one of the top attractions for tourists in the Merida area.

Cenote Lol Ha is almost completely surrounded by ancient native trees, which is what makes the cenote so hard to spot for travellers.  We’ll get onto how to get there shortly.

Cenote Lol Ha

Cenote Lol Ha was once inhabited by the Mayan people, and it’s very name is derived from a Mayan word, that means “bud of water”, which really speaks to the significance of this spot to the ancient Mayans.

The cenote is classed as an open type cenote.  This means that it’s an underground sinkhole with a large opening in the middle.  It has a really mystical look to it, which is thanks to all of the branches and roots that hang down from the ancient native trees.

To get to Cenote Lol Ha’s deep blue waters, you’ll need to take a set of stairs.  When you get to the bottom of these stairs, you’re met with beautiful crystalline waters.  The water is so clear there that you can see everything beneath its surface.  

You can jump straight in for a swim, but as a word of caution, depending on where you are within the cenote the depth of the water can vary quite considerably and is estimated to go as deep as 30 meters in some places.

In addition to its significance to the Mayan people, and the value for those tourists looking for a secret escape, the cenote also has much importance as a home to a wide array of different animal species.  There are iguanas, armadillos, squirrels, racoons, various bird species such as owls and swallows, and the list goes on.

Cenote Lol Ha Tourist Information

As a hidden natural pool with crystal clear deep blue waters, the Cenote Lol Ha is quite the appealing attraction.  Swimming in the cenote is a very refreshing means of getting some much needed relief from the Mexican Heat.  And it’s not just good for swimming in, you can also go scuba diving there too.

Cenote Lol Ha is open every day between the hours of 9 am through to 5 pm.  And the entrance fee is quite affordable at just 35 pesos.  This entrance fee goes towards the general maintenance  of the amenities that are available at the cenote.  And there’s also a car park for tourist’s convenience.

It’s a fantastic place for a quiet swim, due to there typically being far less tourists than you get in other busier cenote hotspots.  You can even arrange to visit at a particular specified time where you can have the hole of the cenote all to yourself.

But that’s not all, there are other attractions around, and the village of Yaxunah in particular has a number of different archaeological sites you can visit including a museum and some small ruins.  The jungle itself may also be of interest to you.  So all in all there’s plenty to see and do and explore away from the cenote whilst you’re visiting the area.

In keeping with the overall natural, mystical feel of the cenote, Cenote Lol Ha is not as commercially developed and tourist orientated as some of the other cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula.  

It does however have all of the amenities that you would need on your visit there, such as restrooms, changing rooms, life jackets available to rent, and of course the car park we made reference to earlier.

How to ​Get to Cenote Lol Ha

Cenote Lol Ha is quite easy to get to.  It’s equal in distance from both Merida and Cancun.  You will need to travel to the village of Yaxunah, which you can get to via car (if you own or rent one) or you can take a bus to Yaxunah which is quite affordable, or you can take a taxi if you prefer.

Cenote Lol Ha Tours

There are some great tours in the area we’d love to share with you.

Tulum, ATV, and Open Cenote Tour

This is a full day tour, whereby a tour guide will join with you as you visit various different tourist spots throughout Tulum, showing you the best that Tulum has to offer and teaches you all about Tullum’s fascinating history and culture.

And to top that off you also get the opportunity to ride an ATV to explore these various sites.

The tour finishes with a visit to a Tullen cenote, a beautiful natural open water swimming hole, where you’ll then be free to take a swim or even discover the marine life within the crystal clear waters.

Cenote River: Snorkeling & Paddleboarding Tour

This tour is great for all the water sport enthusiasts amongst you.  This guided tour takes place in Tulum, and allows you to cruise along the cenote river and explore various cenotes, all while on a paddleboard.  And you get to do some snorkeling too, and discover all the exotic marine life in the area.  All the equipment you will need will be provided and accounted for in the cost of the tour.

You can simply relax and immerse yourself in the natural, mystical setting of Tulum’s cenotes and take in all their natural beauty.  

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